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For many years now we have been building our reputation as a company able to deliver exceptional results to its customers in the IT Recruitment sector.


Our network consists of contacts from all across Europe and in some cases globally which enables us to be competitive on an international scale.


Look4IT is a certified employment agency specializing in providing top quality recruitment services in the IT industry. We hold certificate number 7880 issued by the office of the Marshal of Lower Silesia.

At Look4IT we understand how important employee satisfaction is for your company. Employees who fully embrace the project for which they are hired are motivated to make a real, tangible contribution to the company. Their higher level of commitment leads to greater efficiency.Learn more

As an agile agency that was born and raised during the technological renaissance in Wrocław – a location focused on technology – we are fully aware of the challenges you face.
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At Look4IT we respect your time and the time of our candidates. For us, transparent communication and honesty come first as in our opinion they are key to a highly efficient cooperation. We do not spam your inbox with résumés and CVs of unmatched candidates.Learn more

It is not just about filling the vacancy, but about quality and efficiency. We provide you with carefully selected and highly qualified candidates for each position. We constantly invest in the latest technology as well as our team to ensure top notch service for our clients.



2012: The beginning

Look4IT founded by Andrzej Domaradzki and Grzegorz Dancewicz, in reply to finding currently available recruitment services not fitting to current needs of employers.

Look4IT founders hire first technical recruiters and start the company grow.

Look4IT joins IT-Corner, a Wroclaw Fellowship of Technology.

First year of company history proves the model of operations and delivered service fits to market needs. Stable income allows to plan further grow of the company.


2013: Looking for the way forward

Grzegorz Dancewicz, who co-founded Look4IT returns to his previous work as java software architect.

Release of first stable version of internal recruitment automation software allowing providing very fast recruitments.


2014: Year of stabilization

Further investments in building Social Explorer 2.0 which reached its power enabling our recruiters to work two times faster and more effective as in other recruitment agencies.

Many new clients, and ability to serve them with a small team of recruiters makes a good base for new wave of company grow planned for 2015.


2015: Year of innovation

Starting cooperation with Krystyn Bagan, future co-owner of Look4IT.

New, experienced IT recruiters join our team to support increasing amount of our Clients.

Development team releases three innovative AI based modules of Social Explorer, our automated recruitment engine.


2016: Double growth

Krystyn Bagan, acquires 50% of company shares and is now co-owner of Look4IT along with Andrzej Domaradzki.

First NATO client won based on Krystyn’s contacts and experience in International Security sector.

Statistics says that 1 out of our 8 recommended candidates gets hired. Base on this KPI we refresh our clients portfolio and focus on companies that have real hiring needs.

Our project of helping our customer to ramp-up a new location in Krakow resulted of hiring 1/3 of whole 51 team (1/3 Look4IT, 1/3 Client itself, 1/3 two global agencies).

Success measured: sales and profit doubled, number of candidates in DB grown from 65k to 138k.


2017: Growth and Expansion

Dynamic grow of number of our international client’s base.

New services started: outsourcing of recruitment services for US-based start up and interim management for new-created branches of foreign companies in Poland.


2018: Remote Support

Allowing partial remote work of our recruiters allowed us to hire top hiring talents from other cities than Wrocław.

Reaching 100 recruitment projects in one year.


2019: Offer Extension

Team grows to > 10 recruiters.

Candidates counter hits 200k.

New training offer: 4 courses related to efficient and competent IT recruitment.

Look4Lead: our tool for generating sales leads, after the initial testing phase has been permanently introduced into our portfolio.


2020: Pandemic

A great start and three new large projects to create branches of foreign companies in Poland from scratch.

The crisis related to the pandemic has radically reduced our clients’ development plans and resulted in a drastic reduction of their hiring needs.

Look4IT not only maintained employment, but also established cooperation with a Partner in the area of ​​development of its services.

Ultimately, the first period of the pandemic and the related office closures and the transition to full remote work not only did not disrupt the company’s operations, but even increased the quality of projects and number of placements.


2021: Consolidation

Our first projects outside the IT industry (in the sales of marketing services) as an introduction to diversification.

After a year of pandemic, there was an exponential increase in offers on the IT market. As a result, companies competed in offering higher and higher salaries. The percentage of rejected job offers has reached a level that forced us to improve the recruitment process, which previously worked flawlessly.

Completely remote work makes it difficult to onboard new recruiters.


2022: 10 years of Look4IT

The new office of the company and a partial return to stationary work allowed us to hire new recruiters and effectively onboard them.

The average monthly number of placement is breaking the company’s historical records.

The number of candidates in our DB is nearly 250,000 people from the IT industry.

Another crisis after the pandemic caused by Russian aggression against Ukraine. Temporary changing the office into a place of shelter for refugees from Ukraine.


2023: Software Development

We began 2023 by signing a contract with a giant in the energy industry to create a new CRM system. This system is intended to serve approximately 20,000 employees of the company to handle around 10 million customers eventually. We assembled a new, agile, 10-person .NET team including an Architect, Project Manager, UX/UI, QA, and Senior Developers. We also managed to acquire several smaller projects, e.g. in Python.

Despite facing stagflation in the economy, we experienced a significant decrease in the number of IT recruitment projects. To counter this, we successfully hired an experienced Business Development Manager (BDM) who significantly diversified our projects. As a result, we gained experience in recruiting candidates for manufacturing, logistics, sales, and other fields. This strategic move helped us compensate for the downturn in IT sector.


2024: Expansion

In 2024, we kicked off the year by establishing a collaboration with a Business Development Manager (BDM) on the West Coast of the United States. This partnership initiated connections with several promising clients and opened up new opportunities for leveraging our knowledge and experience.

In terms of software development, we are continuing the evolution of the CRM platform for our client, while also exploring new possibilities in exciting programming projects. One of these involves the development of a web-based version of our Social Explorer tool for automation of the recruitment process, with an attempt to commercialize this solution.


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