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Since 2021, Look4IT has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in swiftly identifying highly skilled IT talents who meet our specific language requirements, such as German, and possess the technical expertise needed for successful eCommerce projects.Their expertise in sourcing really skilled IT professionals makes them a highly recommended partner in the industry.

Ewa Kos - Senior Recruiter

Global Consulting Company

Look4IT consistently excelled in sourcing IT solutions sales representatives with specific language requirements, essential skills, and a proven track record in the industry. They played a vital role in helping us build complete sales teams.Their agility was impressive, promptly providing qualified candidates proficient on the same day. In the highly competitive Krakow market, Look4IT efficiently identified sales representatives fluent in languages such as German, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Swedish and more.Their extensive understanding of our industry and the unique challenges of recruiting in Krakow proved invaluable. With their deep knowledge of the local talent pool, Look4IT successfully identified sales professionals who seamlessly aligned with our company culture and customer-centric approach.


Since 2019, Look4IT consistently exceeds expectations in finding outstanding IT professionals. They have been a reliable support in my recruitment efforts across multiple companies, enabling us to attract top talent for each organization.Look4IT has been instrumental in our talent acquisition strategy, enabling us to secure exceptional candidates across diverse IT roles, including C-level engineering, Principal Cloud Architects, Cloud DevOps engineers, testers, backend and frontend developers.With a global reach in talent acquisition, Look4IT effortlessly recruits highly skilled professionals from the LATAM and APAC regions. This empowers us to build diverse and high-performing teams that seamlessly collaborate with our US headquarters. Look4IT readily adjusts their operations to align with our US time zone requirements, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration.Throughout our partnership, Look4IT has proven to be an invaluable asset by not only providing diverse candidate profiles but also assisting us in identifying and addressing our recruitment requirements as they arise.

Aeolus Robotics

Look4IT helped us building our office in Wrocław from scratch up to over twenty C++/Robotics engineers within 2 years. They also supported us in recruiting talents to our teams in Vienna, Taipei, San Francisco and unique robotic talents all over the world. Their exceptional devotion to support of our needs in increasing our manpower, significantly helped us to reach our goals and meet aggressive timelines. They are strongly recommended to support building IT teams in green fields as well as increasing presence in existing sites.

Aptitude Software

We are cooperating with Look4IT since May 2018 and we are happy with the results. We have good communication, understating of our needs and success with new employees joining our company. As our internal team is very small we need external resources helping with our recruitment needs. With over 1,5 year of cooperation we are satisfied with the results and we plan to continue to support our recruitment process with Look4IT help.

S5 Consulting

We have been cooperating for over a year now and I highly recommend Look4IT when it comes to the recruitment processes. Their specialisation in the SAP area and their reports on the first round of interviews help us make the right decision regarding the employment of highly qualified, motivated and certified SAP consultants our Customers are always satisfied with.


Spyrosoft confirms and recommends cooperation with Look4IT in the field of IT projects. We have worked together since May 2016 and due to excellent quality of delivered candidates we plan to continue our cooperation. Look4IT supports our recruitment processes in the IT field, mostly in Java related projects, by sourcing, conducting first interviews and recommending suitable candidates. Their team consists of passionate, highly involved and competent recruiters with strong technological background, what allows them to deliver services which exceed our expectations. Look4IT has never had problems with neither setting terms of cooperation nor deadlines. It assures us of their professional attitude and extensive experience. Therefore, we look forward to further cooperation. We highly recommend Look4IT as a company worth working with and hence, it will be a pleasure to discuss their assets in details. Kind regards, Konrad Weiske

Infosys Consulting

We would like to confirm, that we have been cooperating with Look4IT for the past 7 years. Mostly they have assisted us with SAP, Business Intelligence and software development projects - both in cases of single positions to fill, as well as building a whole new company department from scratch. In the time we have cooperated with them, they have been consistently a strong support - capable of taking control of large projects and executing them to the fullest. We are very pleased with the commitment and quality of the whole support from Look4IT. Their Consultants have a good sense of our needs, and they are also providing us with a regular presentation of candidate profiles with a fitting set of competences. Thanks to the support of Look4IT, our teams have been strengthened by qualified software developers and SAP consultants on senior positions on long term employment contracts. We highly recommend them as partners for your company. They would be an asset to any organization. Krystyna Wiśniewska, CEE Recruitment Manager

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