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Rapidly Scale Your Development Team with Ready-to-Work Professionals

10 March 2023

  5 Benefits of IT Recruitment Companies When it comes to software development, having the right team in place can make all the difference. As your projects grow in size and complexity, you need to be able to scale your development team quickly and efficiently to meet project deadlines and achieve your business goals. That’s […]

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Rekrutacja pracowników z branzy IT

Deep work in IT

20 December 2022

  How to be productive at work? As desirable as it is, work productivity is not always easy to achieve or measure. We are surrounded with several devices that steal our attention, both in professional and personal life (pings for new messages, emails, cell phone rings, communication channels, smart home appliances calling for action, social […]

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rekrutacja pracowników z branży IT

Feedback culture after the recruitment process

11 October 2022

  Why should we give the candidate detailed feedback after the end of the recruitment process?   Most people working in the IT sector will agree that feedback is very important, necessary, it is even a key part of professionalism in recruitment and creates good PR in the company. However, many candidates report a lack […]

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Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing

30 June 2022

  How to tell if your recent hire was a mistake   What’s difficult when stepping into a new environment and into a new way of doing things is often having to unlearn everything and start again.  When teams form at their foundational level, let’s say as a brand new start up, they develop their […]

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What’s the problem, is it culture?

25 May 2022

  How to handle differences in the work environment   Let’s start off with some of the negatives as they may be the easiest to relate to. This person is so stubborn! This person is so picky! This person is so clingy! This person is too dictatorial! This person acts like a clown! Sound familiar? […]

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Pitfalls that cause talent to decline their offer

31 March 2022

  How to prevent cancellations in the hiring process   For any hiring manager, the candidate dropping out can be one of the most frustrating experiences, especially when there’s an urgency to deliver and they’ve had to go through months of interviews. This article is intended to help with strategies and ideas that you can […]

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