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Thank you very much for the specific e-mail with specific offers - I appreciate it very much. I started working on a new project at the beginning of November and I am currently not considering moving on. If anything in this matter changes, I will remember your message (it goes to "important"). Thank you once again and best regards.

Usually I do not reply to e-mails from recruiters, but in this case I was captivated by the professionalism and impeccable language that you use :) I am not currently interested in working in Poland, but I would be happy to read the offer of work in the United States, if you cooperate with American customers. My technology stack: - Clojure - JavaScript - Java - distributed systems - Cassandra / ElasticSearch / Postgres. I like operating on both sides of the system: customer and server. I am open to learning something new, although I must admit that I have recently become a big fan of functional programming. Thank you for your interest in me.

Thank you for contacting me during the recruitment process. I must admit that the sent offers are among most interesting ones that I have recently received. However, due to a significant change in my scope of duties (I will deal with databases to a much greater extent, and analytics and reporting to a lesser extent), I am not planning to change my job. I hope we will stay in touch in the future.

Thank you so much for your interest. You are probably the only recruiter who prepares their offers reliably - in most cases I get a proposal starting with "Mr." :). I am not currently considering changing an employer, but if I ever will in the future, I would be interested only in working for companies based in Poznań and its surroundings.

I will not "beat around the bush", but you are the most Professional Person who has ever written to me with a job offer :) If I have such a need, I will be happy to use your services in the future.

Thank you for your interest in me. I am impressed by your extensive offer. However, the projects I am implementing at my current employer bring me sufficient satisfaction. Despite this, I do not exclude future cooperation.

Thank you for a professionally prepared offer, but I have started working in a new place recently and at the moment I am not planning any changes.

I am surprised by such an extensive offer of cooperation. I am not planning to change work in the near future, but from time to time I hear from my friends that someone is looking for a new position. I think that such a wide offer that you presented may interest someone. If you agree, I will forward your e-mail (of course not as mass e-mail, only to specific people).

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