Effective sourcing in the IT industry:

  1. Specificity of recruitment in the IT industry
  2. Secrets of Social Sourcing
  3. Other modern sourcing methods
  4. How not to miss a matching candidate
  5. Writing successful messages to an IT specialist
  6. Tips & Tricks

IT technologies for recruiters

  1. Basic IT concepts
  2. Popular programming languages
  3. Libraries and frameworks
  4. Software development processes
  5. Introduction to software engineering
  6. Roles in IT project

Methods of effective recruitment and selection of candidates from the IT industry:

  1. Specificity of recruitment in the IT industry
  2. Introduction to IT Technology
  3. Effective candidate sourcing
  4. Health and safety at work with databases
  5. 20 mistakes made by recruiters that irritate IT professionals

Recruitment process automation:

  1. For and against automation
  2. AI in recruitment
  3. Automation tools
  4. Automatic arrangement of interviews
  5. Automatic programming tests
  6. Current project status
  7. Chatbots


Based on our practical experience in recruiting IT specialists, we have created Social Explorer 2.0 - a powerful tool that supports the recruiter at all stages of the recruitment processes.

Social Explorer enables to:

  • Automate all stages of recruitment.
  • Fully integrate with social networks,
  • Quickly reach four times more candidates at the same time,
  • Pro-actively recruit candidates who are already in the database and acquire new ones.

Our product – Social Explorer 2.0 – will definitely speed up your recruitments and multiply the number of candidates. Actively search for new candidates, verify their expectations and competences, arrange meetings and hire the best ones! All with the help of the Social Explorer 2.0 application. If you have questions or you want to try our tool, please contact us!


By using technology that has been for years developed and improved in recrutiment and headhunting market we have created a unique method of identyfing and reaching potential clients. We offer an extremely efficient way of contacting and presenting your offers to people interested in services of your company.


We help our partners reach new clients and enhance sales rates by applying technologies used until now mostly in recruitment. We offer cooeration in Lead Generation model. Our aim is to raise sales rates of our clients. Our Offer is a suplement of sales process in comapnies working in B2B sector.


It is only 30 days to generate 40 potential customers interested in Your product or B2B service. This number is supported by the success of our own and our clients' campaigns.

Who is the client

The companies owning products or services which selling time reaches from a couple of days to a few months and value of a single transaction can be counted in hundreds or thousands of PLN/Euro

Who do we reach?

We reach carefully sellected target groups. For instance, if you sell software or trainings for accounting departments, we will reach CFO, financial managers, accountants, and authorised clerks. If your product is office furniture – we will contact board assistants, architects, company owners, buyers and product managers. What is important, we can reach potential clients anywhere in Europe and North America.

How do we conduct the campaign?

Together with our client we establish target groups and key words, we create the content and its visual form, we start our lead generating "machine" and deliver "hot" contacts of people interested in details, negotiations or contact to our clients. Eventually, we prepare reports and comparison in PDF, XLS.

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