Our services

Recruitment for permanent and temporary positions:

  • Temporary positions and contracts
  •  Permanent recruitments
  • Support in building new locations
  • Recruitment of entire teams of consultants
  • Recruitment for work abroad
  • Try&Hire service

Assessment of the candidate’s level of expertise:

  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Technical interviews
  • Programming tests
  • Code reviews
  • Language tests

Consulting and Training:

  • Recruitment training
  • Reconstruction and optimization of recruitment processes
  • Recruitment process automation
  • ATS system implementation
  • Market analysis

Number of additional services:

  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Interim management
  • Checking references
  • Managing ads
  • Image campaigns

Principles of cooperation

We know that the key elements of the terms and conditions of cooperation for our customers include:

The fee for the recruitment service, the success-fee model, the warranty period defined, no exclusivity requirements for the agency, no hidden fees, payment deadline. On our part, you can expect flexibility in terms of the contents of the framework agreement and arranging specific terms of cooperation. We offer several attractive business models, depending on the scope of rendered services and recruitment goals. Fees for our services have the form of traditional linear success-fees, the same applies to try&hire or per-randez-vous models, and even tariffs depending on the degree of implementation of defined goals in terms of time, quality or quantity.

Standard terms of cooperation:

  • success-fee model: 18% of the total gross annual basic salary of the employed candidate (or net, in the case of a consultant employed by you on the basis of a B2B contract).
  • 3 months warranty.
  • invoice issued when the candidate starts work.
  • payment deadline: 21 days from the invoice date.
  • name checking: 12 months grace period.

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